Events for the Academic Year 2022-23

S. NoName of the EventDuration & Dates
1CSI Orientation to 2021-2025(CSE,CSBS)25th March 2022
2Awareness on Human Values and Ethics4th April 2022
3Debate competition 8th April 2022
4Design-A-Thon15th May 2022
5Ideathon16th May 2022
6Game-A-Thon21st May 2022
7Speak-A-Thon22nd May 2022
8CSI Orientation to 2021-2025(AIML,IOT,DS,CS)9th June 2022
9Farewell for 2021-2022 Managing Committee2nd July 2022
10Resume Up (Online event)9th Aug 2022
11Awareness session on natural Cleaners9th Aug 2022
12ICACECS 202211th  & 12th Aug 2022
13Masters Mantra14th September 2022

Report for the academic year 2022-23

  1. Starting with the CSE and CSBS juniors’ CSI orientation that was successfully conducted on the 25th of March 2022, resulting in a 100+ students applying for membership. The Plan of Action was announced during the orientation, with all the tasks and events that were promised to be organized were conducted successfully.
  2. Awareness on Human Values and Ethics was a seminar conducted by team CSI on 4th April for 2nd year CSE students and the speaker was Mr. S Tirumala Reddy a renowned corporate trainer. He talked about the importance of ethics and values and encouraged the participants to actively engage in the QandA session.
  3. Debate competition was a debate competition open to students of all branches and years. A set of topics were given to the participants to debate. Based on the points made by the participants in their debate they were given scores and the winners were awarded cash prizes.
  4. Design-A-Thon was the next event conducted on the 15th May 2022.It was a poster designing competition where the participants were encouraged to make posters photoshopped or manually drawn. The event consisted of two rounds- poster submission and explaining the poster. A total of more than 100 students registered and submitted their posters out of which the best candidates were selected for the final round and the top performers were awarded cash prizes to encourage their creative curiosity.
  5. Ideathon was a 2 round online idea submission round. The first round required the participants to submit their ideas in form of a PowerPoint or report. They were judged based on innovation, empathy, feasibility, and various factors Shortlisted candidates had to explain their idea further in the final round on 16th May 2022 online and were judged by faculty and alumnus.
  6. Game-A-Thon was a multi-rounded event conducted on 22nd May 2022. There were more than 200 registrations and the rounds involved games like sudoku, Pictionary, GK quiz. The last round being a rapid-fire questionnaire decided the winner and runner of the event.
  7. This was the last event in the Mega event Flashforte, Speak-A-Thon. All the rounds happened on 23rd May 2022. Participants had to speak a minute on a topic and in another round they were fee to choose on the topic of their talk.
  8. CSI Orientation to 2021-2025(AIML,IOT, DS,CS) CSI came back on 9th June 2022 with another orientation for the students of CSE domain branches. The event was very much appreciated by the students since many of them were really interested in becoming members of CSI.
  9. The Action committee gave a Farewell to their Managing Committee of 2021-2022 on 2nd July 2022. On the same day, the Action Committee was promoted to Managing Committee and the volunteers became members of the Action Committee.
  10. To guide the newly joined 1st year CSI members in building a resume and upgrading their profile CSI organized Resume Up (Online event) on 9th Aug 2022. The event was received very well by the juniors.
  11. Awareness session on natural Cleaners on 9th Aug 2022
  12. An international conference, ICACECS 2022 was hosted by CSI on 11th  & 12th Aug 2022.
  13. An informative session on Masters Degree, Masters Mantra was conducted on 14th September 2022. It included how to choose among various streams, colleges, exams, and countries were conducted in collaboration with GRO and Dr. Raju’s Masters Mantra 14th September 2022