Events for the Academic Year 2021-22

List of Events Organized in 2021-22

S. NoName of the EventDuration & Dates
1FDP on Multi Technologies28th June to 3rd July 2021
2E-outreach Program on ” COVID 19 “7th & 13th July 2021
3Department Induction – Panel Discussion on Exploring the Horizon of CSE17th July 2021
4International E- Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering and Communication Systems (ICACECS-2021)13th and 14th Aug 2021
5E-outreach Program on ” Awareness on Road Safety “20th to 25th Sept 2021
6Virtual Faculty Training Programme on “Blockchain Technology”28th Sept to 3rd Oct 2021
7Code & Craft11th Oct 2021
8VJ Hackathon29th& 30thOct 2021
9KSS on Unsupervised Learning Techniques3rd Nov 2021
10CSI Orientation for 2nd Year students22nd Nov  2021
11CSI Orientation for 1st Year students1st Dec  2021
12Skill Development Programme on MS Office & CANVA11th to 13th Jan 2022
13Workshop on GIT & GITHUB23rd Jan 2022
14Adobe Photoshop30th Jan 2021
15Research in Academia and its Importance5th Feb 2021
16Awareness on Human Values & Ethics26th Feb 2022
17Awareness on Human Values & Ethics26th March 2022
18Coding Contest Turing Cup12th& 19th Mar 2022
19Debate Competition8th April 2022
20Workshop on Flutter12th to 23rd may 2022
21Designathon14th May 2022
22Ideathon15th May 2022
23Gameathon21st  May 2022
24Speakathon22nd May 2022
25Computer Forensics & Ethical hacking18th to 28th may 2022

Report for the Academic Year 2021-22

  1. Organized FDP on Multi Technologies like DART, REACT JS, INFORMATICA,AWS,DEVOPS & GITHUB in collaboration Brain-o-vision from 28th June to 3rd July with a total participants of 126
  2. Organized E Outreach at Tasildhar office Nizampet & ZPHS Nizampet for bringing the awareness on COVID-19 on 7th July 2021
  3. E Outreach at ZPHS Bhachupalli & Post office Bachupalli, for bringing the awareness on COVID-19 on 13th July 2021
  4. Organized Panel Discussion on Exploring the Horizon of CSE ( Orientation for Department Admissions) on 17th July 2021
  5. Organized International Conference ICACECS-2021 on 13th and 14th of August 2021 in collaboration with Springer Nature
  6. Organized Awareness on Road Safety infront of College, Bachupalli X Road, Pragathi Nagar X Road from 20th to 25th Sept 2021
  7. Organized Code and Craft 11th Oct 2021
  8. Organized 24 hours Online National Level  VJ Hackathon : Victory & Joy in Smart Innovations  on 29th & 30th Sept 2021.
  9. Organized Knowledge Sharing Session on Unsupervised Learning Techniques on 3rd Nov 2021 by Mr P Venkateswar Rao  for 2nd year students
  10. Organized CSI Orientation for 2nd year students on 22nd Nov 2021
  11. Organized 1st year Orientation 29th Nov to 11th Dec 2021
  12. Organized CSI Orientation for 1st Year students 1st Dec 2021