CSI was formed in 1965 by few computer professionals. Today it has 72 chapters, 511 student chapters and more than 1,00,000 members in it, all over India. The wide spectrum of members is committed to advancement and practice of computer engineering and technology systems.


To achieve academic and research excellence in essential technologies of Computer Science and Engineering by promoting a creative environment for learning and innovation.


To provide dynamic, innovative and flexible curriculum which equip the students with the necessary, problem driven skills to strengthen their career prospects and potential to pursue higher studies.

To foster inquisitive-driven research among students and staff so as to reinforce the domain knowledge and address contemporary societal issues.

To inculcate ethical values, leadership qualities and professional behavior skills for improving the living standards of people.


Student chapter Computer Society of India(CSI) established under the Department of Computer Science and Engineering on 6th Oct 2004, The purposes of the society are scientific and educational directed towards the advancement of the theory and practice of Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Technology, Systems Science and Engineering, Information Processing and related Arts and Sciences. It is a professional body where professionals meet to exchange views and information, to learn and share ideas. Morethan70% of the students and faculty of CSE are members of CSI.

The activities of the Chapters includes Seminars, Workshops and Technical Symposium, Certification Courses & Guest Lectures to keep faculty and students updated with latest developments in various Technologies.

Every year we conduct a National Level Technical Symposium Convergence. The students under the society are molded into competent software professionals, to face the challenges of the IT sector. The advisory board members of CSI Student Branch are Dr S Nagini, Dr B V Kiranmayee, Mr N Sandeep Chaitanya & Mr Ch Sri Sumanth.